SQ-10 Airplane

Squadron 10’s Airplane

Squadron 10’s airplane, N948CP, is a factory new Cessna 182T Nav III (with a Garmin G1000 glass panel).

The airplane is used to conduct Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, cadet orientation rides, counter-drug reconnaissance missions and crew training. The airplane is also used for homeland security operations and exercises and for assisting emergency services during a disaster.

Having a new airplane greatly improves the squadron’s ability to perform its duties by providing pilots with modern automation and a wealth of information in a clear, easy to understand format, that allows the team to spend more time focusing on mission objectives and the on mission safety. Infomation that on older airplanes was displayed on several analog round dials is now consolidated on one screen. A second screen provides the crew with additional infomation, such as a moving map and terrain information, that improves the crew’s situational awarness.

The Cessna 182 is prized by crews for its reliability, ease of use and stability for high-endurance search and rescue, photo reconnaissance, transportation and training missions in all environments. Powered by a 230-hp piston engine, it cruises at 145 kts (167 mph) and can search capably in northern California’s Sierra mountain range, with the ability to operate comfortably at over 8,000 feet above sea level.

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